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About Us

With a focus on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction, ConsignLux provides full suite of consignment, buying and selling services for owners of high end, luxury jewelry worldwide. The leading edge company’s consignment services include professional independent graduate gemologist appraisals for every piece of beautiful jewelry, full cleaning and polishing, photography and marketing across a number of e-commerce platforms. The experts at ConsignLux also purchase jewelry at attractive prices for resale on their unique on-line marketplace.

Unlike brick and mortar stores that are inflexible in hours and often inconvenient, we guarantee a fast and superior experience every time our clients choose us. Our innovative e-Commerce website empowers consumers to make choices that benefit them, rather than the other way around. All they have to do is sign up as a consigner or shop with us to experience the benefits of our store.

We are passionate about what we do, and guarantee exceptional service for each of our customers.

Our Founder and CEO Patrick Lawrence Kane is the founder and CEO of ConsignLux, and is passionate about the development and expansion of our online platform. Patrick has over twenty years of experience in the financial service, fine jewelry and consignment industry, and has a thorough understanding of what it takes to successfully sell luxury jewelry both online and offline. He has also owned and operated several local multi-unit specialty brand stores in the Seattle area. As the CEO of ConsignLux, he brings his expertise to the table and ensures that all of our clients receive the assistance they need to properly sell their high-end items. Patrick's goal and vision for ConsignLux is to transform online luxury jewelry transactions into a white glove experience from start to finish. Just because our customers are shopping from the comfort of their own homes does not mean customer service should be an afterthought. In fact, customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything that we do, whether customers are using our service.

Meet the Team:

ConsignLux Team

Patrick Kane – Founder & CEO

Truly Irish…born and bred. Patrick is a serial entrepreneur passionate about building both professional and positive customer experiences. Having always built business models around under-served retail specialty solutions, Patrick has a vision to create a hybrid business model for ConsignLux based upon technology and old school customer service standards. Patrick believes that all businesses have both a civic and social heart, and plans to integrate “giving” into the fabric of the ConsignLux culture and business model.

Alex & Baylor Leavitt – Customer & Community Service Team

From CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database management to social media (Facebook & Twitter) postings, these guys manage the processes of how we communicate with our customers and share our daily product updates with the world.

They also manage our community service initiatives by visiting local nursing homes and care centers to spread both good cheer and education of service dogs to residents on a weekly basis. Finally they manage our #244 micro loan funding portfolio which has been allocated to female head-of-household entrepreneurs in third world countries, requiring financial support to start or grow their own businesses. These small loans enable female entrepreneurs to financially support their own families and strengthen their local communities.

Dylan Randolph – Product Visualization & eCommerce

Dylan ensures that all our luxury jewelry items are professionally photographed for maximum visual appeal to the web. Dylan is also responsible for the scheduling of all internet product postings in order to maximize end user viewing based upon local, regional and international time frames and market categories.

Pinky Nga - Graphic Designer

Based in Hanoi (Vietnam), Pinky has been the dedicated graphic designer for ConsignLux for over two years since launch. With a professional education and years of fashion industry and catalogue project experience, Pinky creates all visual graphic solutions for the entire ConsignLux and LoanLux brands.